Living by Grace through Faith.

Living in Your Dreams


In order for dreams to be built in our life, we need a foundation of faith and grace. The key to finding our passions in life begins with living a passionate life, discovering what we have and who we are already. In order to progress in the promised land, we must already be in that land. When we are born again we are placed in that land. We have entered our dreams. Do we recognize the dream we are already living? We have been set free from the law of sin and death. We have been adopted into a family. We have been made holy and blameless through Christ. We have been given every spiritual blessing. Every promise of God is yes and amen in Jesus. We are grafted in and now we have the blessing of Abraham. The work of our hands is blessed. We have favor with God and man. We are the head and not the tail. God is for us and not against us. We are complete in Christ.

The key to growing in our dreams is to receive them.

To him who has more, more will be given. It is given and we receive. We simply believe God loves us that much and has a dream for us much bigger than our own.

The problems occur when we try to make our dreams happen. That is like trying to grow into grace instead of growing in it by recognizing that God has already put us in His grace and salvation. God is working and willing His good pleasure in us. Our dreams are within us. When we realize that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and He is guiding us to our dreams, we can embrace the possibility of them because God is faithful.

Two of our biggest obstacles are discontentment and fear.

Discontentment denies righteousness, peace, and joy that is ours today right now. Discontentment usually believes the lie that today our life is not significant or we are not quite as pleasing to God as we may be in other circumstances. Discontentment focuses on natural abilities, limitations, and environments. The Holy Spirit points us to Jesus reminding us that nothing can separate us from his love and nothing can diminish the promises he has secured through the cross alone. He reminds us that we can do all things in Christ.

No facet of our character, abilities, or circumstances can diminish the power of Christ in us which is all the time moving us toward our dreams.

Underneath discontentment is ultimately fear. This includes fear of missing opportunities, fear of failure, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of our weaknesses, and fear of life passing us by. Freedom is only a glance to the side of all that fear. Just a simple glance to the cross

Would the one who spared his own son , the one who gave everything, the one who holds up everything by the Word of His power not hold up you? Would the Shepherd who said he would never leave not be here always leading and guiding you?   Would he speak in a way you do not understand? No, he said his sheep know his voice.   That doesn’t mean you need to prove yourself a sheep by figuring out his voice! That means that when he made you a sheep he gave you the ability to be led.   You are exactly in his will. You are not far away from his plan for you because he doesn’t leave you. He has placed the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

All you need to do is take a deep breath, say” thank you”

and simply believe that beautiful voice of truth.

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