Living by Grace through Faith.

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photo credit: enneafive via photopin cc

photo credit: enneafive via photopin cc

Receving By Grace Through Faith

What if I lived according to God’s reality.  What if the “obstacles” I perceive are not part of His view and opinion of my life or my future?  What I can’t escape is that still small voice saying, “Yes God is too good to be true“.  In His reality He is not “too good”. He simply is and He is Love, Life and Truth.  Because I see too often from my reality I just don’t often get how good He truly is.   Have you ever noticed the ridiculously generous footprints of God.  They strike through our thoughts like rays of sunshine through clouds yet they sometimes seem to disappear like a vapor.

This is what it is about.  Responding to those glimpses of what is mine, ours, in Christ.  What ever is brilliant, amazing, inspiring, noble, kind, or breathtaking about this world is only a reflection of what He has purchased for us and the future He intends for His children.

Let’s open this up.  He paid such a price that we would be blessed not only in heaven but right now.   add another page.

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