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February 17, 2017
by Kim Sue

When Anxious Thoughts Multiply Within You

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“How to Receive Instead of Striving”   This phrase came up as as a theme for me today, but not initially.   I started my day discontent and feeling a lot of “you should”, “you have to” circling my head on my day off of all days!

Stumbling upon a great blog post by Rend Collective titled Why We Get Scared to Rest,  it left me with some centering thoughts:

  1. Rest is a powerful act of faith.
  2. I am not Jesus.

I had been barraged by thoughts of what I have to do but it seemed the Holy Spirt was now encouraging me to look to what I want to do and to start with something fun.   Can I trust Him enough to relax or am I the savior of my day, my life, and everything around me?  It seems I set out to grow, to change, to become, to provide, but in the process I can begin to abort my rest in His promises.

Instead of struggling and grasping to make thinks work together, He would like  you to see yourself already there –to receive. Refocus your efforts.  Learn to rest.  Labor to enter His rest.

“Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.  Hebrews”  4:11 KJV

So much of this is in the mind.
The answer is to find what encourages us in who we already are, what we already have, and how we are inseparably joined to love Himself.  Flip it around.  Start at the finish line; because “it is finished”.   Whatever it is that we feel we lack, this is where the lie starts.  We do not need to believe we lack.  We can look past the irritations and receive contentment.

As I finished this post and turned toward my laptop, the randomly generated screensaver of the day featured two frogs by a pool.

The title on the screen saver: “This is one good looking pair of amphibians but…looks like a really relaxing spa day”

Maybe it’s time to receive that.



“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight* my soul.”  Psalm 94:19 NASB

*The Hebrew word for delight also has meanings of to be smeared over, be blinded”  Let Him smear over all those anxious thoughts  with a big brush of  how much He loves us and how complete our lives are in Him.



December 3, 2016
by Kim Sue
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photo credit: jronaldlee A loaf of bread... via photopin (license)

photo credit: jronaldlee A loaf of bread… via photopin (license)


We were made in His image and given His glory in His original plan for us.  Adam ate of sin and brought about blindness to God’s reality, His glory.

In Jesus the blindness is removed.  When we eat of His body and His blood we enter again into His love.  We partake of the Tree of Life.  We can see again that God is only good.

That is how very simple it is.  At the very core whatever belief we hold that denies His goodness results from eating from the wrong tree.  Thoughts of fear, separation, judgement, do not enter into the garden of acceptance, love, and complete assurance.  In this place healing, love, protection, provision, and trust grow.

The tree of life is having your eyesight restored to see a Good Father.  This makes you alive inside and produces a song in harmony with your heart.  Your mind may rationalize this away but your heart will cry Abba Father.   The Tree of Life is much different than the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   The wrong type of knowledge derails you from the path of life.   His love restores you to pathways of peace and joy.

Taste and see that he is good. Drink of his forgiveness.  Give yourself permission to know that you are loved completely by someone who can never fail you and who is inseparably devoted to you.  The One who is willing, the One who loves you perfectly, the One who knows your desires and can fulfill like no other.  Let go of you, see Him, and find yourself all wrapped up in Him and loved so completely that not a molecule of your existence is in the dark any longer. He has saved and loved all of you.  The real you will awaken as you realize the old you died with Jesus and is only a shadow, no longer reality.