Living by Grace through Faith.

Shift into a Different Kingdom Reality


Thursday night I had a dream that really touched me.  I don’t remember the detail except that initially I it was heavy and dark.  I was observing a curse happening.  It was something to the affect that every Friday people would have to do everything twice and no matter what they did this force would

  • stop their progress and
  • drag them into this cycle of unnecessary, fruitless repetition.

Maybe you have felt that in your own life.  You have an experience of renewed joy and hope but then somehow get sucked into depressing thought that things will never change.

During this part of the dream I also felt fear and demonic oppression.  You know that sense that some huge oppressive force is going to squash you and you want to go under your covers.  I knew this should not be happening.  Jesus broke EVERY curse.  It made me angry, frustrated, and confused that I would feel afraid when I know the enemy has no authority.  At this point, I awoke and began to feel physical symptoms like I was getting sick with a cold.  I could feel a scratchy throat and my ears were hurting.

Again, I felt frustrated and like it was out of my control, but next I sensed the Lord invite me to shift into a different reality.

He reminded me I was of a different Kingdom.

For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son. Col 1:13 NASB

This verse just popped into my mind and I just rested there.  I kept thinking, “Hey, I am in the Kingdom of Light.  He took me out of the kingdom of darkness.  It was really simple and light.  I just kept thinking, “it’s really wonderful that I am in the kingdom of light”.

As I thought about Him having brought me into His kingdom, I saw a bicyclist and I heard “Shift into a new gear”.    He reminded me to simply shift my heart belief and be happy about His kingdom.    He told me I could bring His kingdom into my situation.  The fear left and do did the physical symptoms but there wasn’t any struggle.  I was just thinking how good it is to be in the Kingdom of Light.

Isn’t that like our Father, our Shepherd?  He did the heavy lifting to remove curses to secure an abundant life.  I can say I woke up feeling great and had a very joyful and productive Friday.

His burden is light and His yoke is easy.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of earth will grown faintly dim in the light of His glory and grace.”  Yet it’s more than that.  While we are looking at Jesus, I believe circumstances will shift in response to what is happening in our heart.  Our “job” is only to simply gaze upon Him – kind of like with googly eyes and let His love glance back take care of and activate the rest.

Activate the rest

Now there’s a paradox worth pondering !  May His rest be activated in our hearts.  Let’s enjoy the simplicity of our ordinary lives lived in His extraordinary kingdom.

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