Living by Grace through Faith.

Healing Thoughts


I am not an expert on healing and sometimes I find it very challenging to receive when symptoms run rampant and doubt seems to multiply effortlessly.  Yet I know what helps me find a place where I can more easily receive.

It is not up to me to have mega faith.  It is not about me.  Perhaps it takes a decision to trust.  Perhaps it takes effort to persuade my heart.  Yet I am to come as a child to Daddy.  I guess this is one of those paradoxical things.  It is light and easy yet sometimes it takes work to get to that rest.

So, I will fill up on good words that keep me from getting too serious and too concerned that I need more faith.

I choose to redirect my thoughts upon His love.  The scripture that comes to me most is “He who did not spare His son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall He not also with Him freely give us all things” Rom 8:32

If I can’t figure out anything else, I can simply meditate on this truth for the entire day.  If He did not spare His most valuable possession and His greatest love for us, He simply would not withhold healing.

I think about how Jesus assured the leper that He was willing and then He healed him (Mt 8:3).  The woman with the issue of blood was able to reach out to the very tassel of Jesus’ robe and receive healing because she was reaching for His righteousness (Mt 9:20).  She believed in who He was.

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Speak to the Israelites and say to them: Throughout the generations to come, you are to make tassels on the corners of one’s garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. You will have these tassels to look at and so will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by going after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes. Then you will remember to obey all My commands, and will be consecrated to your God. I am the Lord your God.'”(Numbers 15:37-41)

He did this for us.  He remembered all the commands of the Lord and obeyed them perfectly that we could be made “the righteous of God” and that we could be healed.  We receive the blessings of a perfect life in Him.  We have nothing to offer, but He has offered more than enough.  Before the cross, people came to Him, but now He has come to us and brought salvation which includes many dimensions but definitely one is healing*.

I am reminded of Isaiah 53:4-5.

“Surely our sicknesses he hath borne, And our pains — he hath carried them, And we — we have esteemed him plagued, Smitten of God, and afflicted.  And he is pierced for our transgressions, Bruised for our iniquities, The chastisement of our peace is on him, And by his bruise there is healing to us.” (Young’s Literal Translation).

Do you hear the Father’s tender voice of reassurance?  He knows we have doubts and He knows there is a battle for our heart to be at rest.  To that storm he speaks “Surely” meaning “truly” with strong assertive emphasis. Surely He has born our sicknesses and our pains.  He is offering you a place to rest.  A place to turn from your fear.  Just as He spoke to Peter to come walk on the water, he is releasing a word for us to hold on to by faith.  Surely.

I remember to let Him be my focus. Whatever I gaze upon becomes magnified in my life.  I see His perfection, His love, His willingness and the complete work of obedience that offered the perfect sacrifice.  I see the woman with the issue of blood reaching for her Savior.  I think about the hope that she had in her heart as she reached toward Jesus and then I see myself in her, but then I stop and realize

that really

He has turned to me and reached into my life and now the Healer lives in me and He will never leave.



*note: In reference to Ephesians 2:8 which states we are saved by grace through faith, the Greek word for saved,”sozo,” includes being rescued, made whole, and healed.

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