Living by Grace through Faith.

Childlike Flexibility & Authenticity


photo credit: whiteknuckled 2016-06-21 20.11.44-2 via photopin (license)

photo credit: whiteknuckled 2016-06-21 20.11.44-2 via photopin (license)

I have been dealing with an injury- a sprained hamstring.  Not a big deal but I am a bit of an exercise addict.  My family enjoys being active together and this silly situation has made me have to rest from that and it has been making me depressed.  Trivial of me yes, but we all have our triggers.  Anyway, this resting has been helping me see some pieces that need to change and I am becoming aware of mindsets that have caused me to be stuck.  My body seems to mirror this as my muscles have locked up when they really need to relax and stretch.

There can be resistance when you have a thought to do something new.  Sometimes there is a real fear that you cannot let go of what is “safe”, known and comfortable, but Holy Spirit is so sweet in nudging us along to our true heart’s desires.   We sometimes talk ourselves out of God’s blessings, but He persists.  He is bigger than our inflexibility and blowing winds across His garden and awakening us in the fragrance of His romance.  There are some desires in your heart that He will flow with you to and through.  Sometimes it is really simple little things, but I am learning to start trusting in the leading of my heart.  He gave me a new heart and put His Spirit in me, made me a new creation and gave me “sheep ears” to hear His voice.  Now He is showing me that His voice is totally different than religion’s  “have to”, “ought to”, “should” language.  It seems like baby steps, but it is so good and all His pathways are peace.  Sometimes He is wanting you to make a choice that you want to make.  Authentic is a word that has been ringing in my ears.

The only way He can shine with brightest brilliance in my life is through me being me because that is His design. 

That is really a big thought for me.  As a child it came naturally to gravitate to my interests but now  I sometimes find they are buried under layers of  false expectations and judgements I place on MYSELF.  However, we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free.  He is the way the truth and the life so it seems like Jesus has done it again.  He sets us free to be alive fully in Him.  Sometimes it feels irresponsible to me to make my own authentic choice, but if you have died and He is living in you, this is where trust begins and freedom starts.

I don’t have this figured out but am learning to run to Daddy on my toddler feet so that He can scoop me up and swing me around and make me fly.


“My words find voice in you.  With your abiding in me and my words abiding in you a conversation is inspired where you will request that which arises in your desire from our union and it shall come to pass for you!  These union-inspired desires bear the very fruit that endorses the Father’s glory!  This is where true discipleship is born.”

John 15:7-8 Mirror Translation

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