Living by Grace through Faith.

Castles in the Sky- start living in a different place


ImageHave you ever been accused of building castles in the sky? A conversation about living by faith may seem like discussing a blueprint for such a project. Just like the sky, faith is an unlikely realm for construction. Yet it is the perfect place to receive what is beyond my known ability and to experience peace when I seemingly have no control over limitations and obstacles. What if there is a way for all of the crazy outliers of my life to lead to the dreams and desires in my heart. What if I am lost without this way.

Jesus declared He is the Way the Truth and the Life. This settles it. I am not the way, my spouse, my employer, my children, my skills, my lack, my strength, my weakness, my money, my debt, and my emotions are all now disqualified from the false titles I have given them. They are not the Way. The Way is Him and together we can build these castles. I plan to post some thoughts on various castles as they each represent a different area to receive by grace through faith.

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