Living by Grace through Faith.

About Me

156 I am first a child of God.  I can say I spend my time married, parenting, and working an ordinary job.  I really enjoy writing, reading about the grace filled life, exercising, skiing, tennis, natural foods, planting flower containers, artsy things, coffee shops, learning way too much on the internet, analyzing, perfecting and then coming back to simplicity, my place of refuge.

My life changed radically over 20 years ago when Jesus found me!  I did not clean up my act and impress Him!  He showed me His love and I accepted His invitation.  That was amazing and my life transformed effortlessly.

However, as time passed, somewhere in the mix I accepted some heavy weights of obligation.  My life didn’t measure up.  I dealt with depression and physical fatigue.  Yes nutrition and exercise helped, but a deeper root was a works attitude and performance based Christianity.  I was trying very hard to cover all the bases to be blessed.  Praying, reading the Bible, witnessing, doing good, serving, being a good wife, mother, searching my heart for sin.

Trying is tiring.

It is so different to live out of your heart and to find joy in God’s kingdom instead of obligation.

At some point I read “Grace Walk” by Steve McVey and “Grace the Power to Change” by Dr. James Richards.

I pulled back from all those things I had done by compulsion and continued to renew my mind with what Jesus had already done for me.   I found that I enjoyed people more.  My energy returned. I learned to walk with God through life and rest in His ability.

I am still learning!

My passion is to also see those weights removed from the people with whom I interact.  I also long to continually become more aware of spiritual realities and to receive those things that Jesus freely gives us.

If you are tired of the limitations of your life and are ready to yield your opinions.  If you are open or even slightly drawn, we can receive abundantly together.


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